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It then tells you the expected value of each of these moves and also the percentage breakdown of how often you should make each play.First and fore mostly it is quick with no configuration required.Online poker odds calculators are poker software tools that automatically calculate the poker odds for a hand,. For a solid free poker odds calculator,.I would not expect much in the line of support and updates as such.In other words you will have a compressed stack of tables on top of each other and when a table requires action it will sepperate from the stack automatically and move to a predefined area.Macropoker changes that with its user friendly statistics and the way in which even a beginner can understand.For SNG players, the ICMIZER poker software tool is considered to be the most profitable option. The software uses an ICM Calculator to help configure hands and.SnGAutoColoring works with SharkScope to identify and mark opponents.SmartBuddy developed by PokerPro Labs helps you keep track of your friends.

Poker Calculators are essential poker tools to increase winning potential playing online poker use the odds data that an online poker calculator. software that.How to Use Poker Software to Maximize Your Advantage - Duration:. How To Use A Poker Fold Equity Calculator | Poker Quick Plays - Duration: 5:37.You can go into further options and predefine hot keys like auto fold.At this point the software that is installed with ease and is user friendly, helps you play the best possible end game.This can result in an auto fold and sit out which could cost us blinds.Poker Office offers brilliant support and was established in 2003.

Group 1 and 2 are generally the hands you want to play whereas Group 3 and 4 hands are not as valuable pre-flop.IntelliPoker is linked to PokerStars and is the startup school for the online poker company.You can set the maximum amount of tables and split the conditions over them.PLO Ranger If you enjoy playing pot limit Omaha and require a tool that will give you the advantage PLO Ranger is a good choice provided you play on PokerStars.

The developers at started with this tool in 2006 and have constantly updated and tweaked the bot.Chances for support are non existent from the developers but as this is a well-used tool there are many forums where fellow players can assist you with any issues.

The software is really simple to use and teaches you about calculating spots in hands and learning certain ranges and chance of success in different scenarios.Poker bots are there to make rational and reasonable decisions on your behalf by learning from your previous hand history.After all of this and sever pc reboots, you will need to create the custom tables and then the stats and HUD will function.

ICMIZER - ICM Poker Calculator

To take a closer look at the contents of any statistic, mouse over it.The app also gives you the optimal play based on your starting hand.Poker Copilot In 2008 when Poker Copilot was released to fill the gap in the Mac industry where there was limited applications that could help you hone your poker skills.However this tool is lacking in the support department as it is not readily available.Not NL holdem has taken the stage and all poker tools are generally made for Holdem.

With All IN Expert it helps you by showing you what cards are a good choice to head all in with or raise preflop.Then once the initial setup is complete it will scan the lobby and find tables that meet the predefined rules.It allows you to calculate your equity preflop against a set hand or a range of hands.

If you are a holdem player you would need to look at the package that suits you best.As mentioned this is a fairly new tool that was developed in has an additional review on this tool. iOmahaIndicator iOmaha, created in 2013, is based on the iHoldem Indicator program.You can also customise the range based on your position over your opponents.It has a built in opponent statistic builder which can give you the edge you need by gathering information on your opponents playing style.Furthermore when it is your turn to make a decision at a table but you have your attention on another hand, you could lose track of what needs to be done and end up sitting out.The software was developed to cover all your needs for basic and advanced ICM.Free Download LOC Calculator 1.2 - Reveal the number of lines, and whitespace lines in your source code files with little effort thanks to this port.

The next app we are reviewing is an entry level calculator that helps you improve your holdem skills.If you want to test this software out, it is available for 30 days as a trail license with full functionality.Poker-Spy Poker Spy, which has been around since 2003, is a program that tracks and records previous hands and how your opponents played their cards.This program is idea for both beginners and intermediate players who would like to improve their skills and increase their winnings.It now sports a new feature which allows for screen captures of self-recordings to wmv files.For any bugs or questions, the developers at SpadeIT can assist you in the form of Forums and email support. has an additional review on this product. hhsmithy When money is on the line, playing against unknowns is not a position you want to be in.PS Mate PS Mate, which has been around since 2011, takes your current PokerStars hotkeys and adds additional functions.

There however is no support aside from a single thread on this forum should you wish to try and contact the owner.You will then be forced to focus on the other tables and give your attention to the tables that you do still have control over.Selektor is another poker tool that plugs into SharkScope and allows you to automatically make notes based off a predefined set of rules that would have been set when installing this tool.It has a mathematical calculation that works out your hand strength as your cards are dealt.Should you wish to try the tool it can be used for 30 days in trail mode.The tool is completely free for the first 150 hands after which it is only 79 Euros for the license.It is a trialware program that you can try for free for 30 days.HHDealer datamines the iPoker network, PartyPoker, FullTiltPoker, and networks as well as Micro games and delivers poker hand histories since 2008.

RangerEdge can be opened while you at your online table to help you make a mathematical decision that will find the middle ground of narrow and wide card selection.As stated earlier there is a free version which can calculate the turn and river for you.Should you be a more advanced player, Poker Office will ensure you have a top-notch poker tracking and analysis database with a highly advanced HUD.Top 6 Reasons of Playing Poker at an Online Casino NZ Top 14 Amazing for Winning More at Online Slots You Might Also Like.However when using this tool there are a number of other things to consider like pot sizes and your opponents position etc.Hands that have been filtered out of the range will be grayed out in the starting hand matrix.Once you have set your rules, building your database is as simple as loading a table.The third useful tool that comes with Table Ninja is the live stats to compliment your current HUD.You can also set the parameters and conditions for it to be considered a good table.