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When it comes to movies like these, the director should concentrate most on the battle scenes but those are the most flawed portions of the film.This movie is love and spirit of motivation of youngsters all around India.Overacting, Unnecessary melodrama and cheesy dialogs killed what could have been a landmark film.I usually laugh at those who cry during movies, but I found myself doing just that, especially towards the end of the movie when the scenes depict the deceased soldiers being flown home in body bags.

There is enough here that a good editor could almost squeeze a good 1.5 - 2 hour movie out of what was shot.Yet, Kareena Kapoor stands out of the crowd, followed by Esha Deol.But there was a much better movie (not saying much) called Border.

Warning: You may fall asleep during some of the long drawn songs.LOC tries to tell the story of the soldiers and their families.

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Despite such a long movie, none of the characters were well developed.A lot of care has been taken to see that the film is accurate even in its minutest detail.The filmmaker has tried his best to lend auntheticity by using the real terrain but after an hour of the movie it is like Dejavue.

At first the Indian army fails to realise what has happened until some of its patrol troops fail to return.A formally undeclared war started which lasted for around 50 days and we lost several precious lives of Indian soldiers.You will feel sleepy while watching it because of following reasons:- 1.Next, there is no story nor any subplots nor any satisfaction of seeing any objectives achieved by the soldiers.REVIEW: This gripping drama. follows the spectacular fall of a freestyle skier who’s caught up in the world of underground poker. And the movie is full of.

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Dutta himself committed two major mistakes which he should have avoided.Review: Very Good - I gave this one a 6/10 because of the twists involved. It was a very enjoyable movie, moved along very well, the actors were very.It has power-packed direction and power-packed sequences that remain etched in your memory even after the show has concluded.

Before leaving Vegas, I had a chance to see the new poker movie that just came out, Molly's Game. I figured, what better locale than Vegas to see a movie.The Jawans who freed India from the enemies were a bunch of ordinary mortals, who have been immortalized by J.P. Dutta in this flick.But the other songs - Main Kahin Bhi Rahoon Har Kadam Har Ghadi, Pyar Bhara Geet Koi Dekho Piya Tumko Gaana Hi Hoga, Aao Jo Laut Ke Tum Ghar Ho Khushi Se Bhara etc. are also impressive and perfectly in line of the mood and the genre of the movie.The Poker House, subsequently. The movie reveals that the girls and their mother once had a real family. The Poker House has received mixed reviews from film.Then was it necessary to show disrespect to the mothers and sisters of the soldiers of either side.LOC - Kargil, LOC - Kargil Music Review. Director: Music: Lyrics: Starring: J.P. Dutta Anu Malik Javed Akthar.

Not to mention, there are songs, there are lot of flashbacks, and most importantly, the fighting scenes are stupidily performed.Find a complete guide to TV and movie titles heading to Blu-ray and DVD.The viewer is not soothed or manipulated by song-dance items here, but instead we hear the sounds of bullets hitting metal and bone, skin being ripped apart and burned.It captures their valor in the field of battle, shows how they dealt with each new challenge and each new hardship with renewed vigor, how they motivated the soldiers under their command under the most pressured conditions and how they destroyed their enemies.The film has a shambling charm that actively disputes an unspoken notion that a documentary must be well-structured in order to effectively land its points.Rounders opened to mixed reviews and earned. "The main problem with Rounders is that the movie never. And that's why it stands as the best poker movie ever.

I am terribly disappointed from the man who gave well done sequences in Border.

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The film particularly focuses on Manoj Pandey (Ajay Devgan), Sanjay Kumar (Suni Shetty), Vikram Batra (Abishek Bachan) and Yogender Singh Yadav (Ashutosh Rana) as these soldiers were awarded the Param Vir Chakra (the highest military award in India) for displaying great courage and bravery.

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The war had to be won in the end and we won it but the price that was paid was just too much.Some of the regular patrol parties of Indian soldiers went missing and later on, the damaged corpses of our young soldiers were found.A great effort indeed which entitles him for a big hand by the audience.L.O.C (Line of Control) documents the story of the Indian Armed Forces incredible efforts during the 1999 Kargil War between India and Pakistan.Movies | Movie Review A Documentary in Which All Bets Are Good Ones ‘All In: The Poker Movie,’ by Douglas Tirola. “All In: The Poker Movie.

The movie has made a brilliant portrayal of the Army who have battled all odds in rough weather conditions.For those of us who never went to war and learned of its horrors only through the reports, L.O.C. reveals the brutal reality, hurling the viewer into the midst of an inferno of twisted metal, shrieking shells and human agony.

The director had supposedly spent many years researching everything,but the end product did not really show that.One of the things I was very disappointed with was that Saif, Ajay and Abhishek had so much screen time compared to others.The complete unit of the movie including all those appearing on the screen and all those who worked behind the screen deserves a standing ovation from the audience.Lock Poker was a site that accepted US players. It had an insider theft scandal and scam, and did not honor most withdrawal requests. They closed in 2014.All In: The Poker Movie movie reviews & Metacritic score: All In: The Poker Movie tells the exciting story of poker's renaissance in the first decade of the.

Priceless effort in documenting the story, but fails to enhance it.Firstly the movie was repetitive seeing the same sequence with different actors and actresses was tiresome.A lot of soldiers died in the Kargil war and this movie makes an effort to show their sacrifice before we forget it.